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    The Worldwide PDB (wwPDB) organization manages the PDB archive and ensures that the PDB is freely and publicly available to the global community.

    Learn more about PDB HISTORY and 小火箭免费节点公众号.


    Validate Structure

    or  View validation reports


    Deposit Structure


    Download Archive




    Sustain freely accessible, interoperating Core Archives of structure data and metadata for biological macromolecules as an enduring public good to promote basic and applied research and education across the sciences.


    • Manage the wwPDB Core Archives as a public good according to the FAIR Principles.
    • Provide expert deposition, validation, biocuration, and remediation services at no charge to Data Depositors worldwide.
    • Ensure universal open access to public domain structural biology data with no limitations on usage.
    • Develop and promote community-endorsed data standards for archiving and exchange of global structural biology data.
    wwPDB Members
    Protein Data Bank Japan

    Supports browsing in multiple languages such as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean; SeSAW identifies functionally or evolutionarily conserved motifs by locating and annotating sequence and structural similarities, tools for bioinformaticians, and more.

    Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics Protein Data Bank

    Simple and advanced searching for macromolecules and ligands, tabular reports, specialized visualization tools, sequence-structure comparisons, RCSB PDB Mobile, Molecule of the Month and other educational resources at PDB-101, and more.

    Protein Data Bank in Europe
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    Rich information about all PDB entries, multiple search and browse facilities, advanced services including PDBePISA, PDBeFold and PDBeMotif, advanced visualisation and validation of NMR and EM structures, tools for bioinformaticians.

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    Collects NMR data from any experiment and captures assigned chemical shifts, coupling constants, and peak lists for a variety of macromolecules; contains derived annotations such as hydrogen exchange rates, pKa values, and relaxation parameters.

    wwPDB Resources


    • Macromolecular Dictionary (PDBx/mmCIF)
    • Small Molecule Dictionary (CCD)
    • Peptide-like antibiotic and inhibitor molecules (BIRD)


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    • Improvements for consistency and accuracy


    • Validation Task Forces (X-ray, NMR, 3DEM)
    • Small Angle Scattering Task Force
    • 小火箭节点二维码分享
    • Hybrid/Integrative Methods Task Force
    • Ligand Validation Workshop


    • Depositions: by data center, by year, and by depositor location
    • Downloads: by year for all entries


    • Summaries and presentations from past meetings and events


    • Policies, procedures, coordination with publishers, and preferred Instructions to Authors

    Cite wwPDB:

    Nature Structural Biology 10, 980 (2003)
    doi: 10.1038/nsb1203-980

    Cite the PDB archive:

    Nucleic Acids Research (2019), 小火箭免费节点公众号
    More publications


    • Access Improved Carbohydrate Data at the PDB

    A new data representation for carbohydrates in PDB entries and reference data improves the Findability and Interoperability of these molecules in macromolecular structures. A list of remediated PDB entries is available.

    Read more


    • Coming July 29: Improved Carbohydrate Data at the PDB

    PDB data will incorporate a new data representation for carbohydrates in PDB entries and reference data that improves the Findability and Interoperability of these molecules in macromolecular structures.



    • An updated PDB-Dev website

    A new and improved PDB-Dev website is now available. PDB-Dev is a prototype system which helps wwPDB partners to understand the requirements in archiving integrative structures.

    Read more
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